Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Rose Collection ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but I have had to wait for each of them to flower to do so. Here is a look at my Rose Collection!

'Deep Secret' is planted at the end of my front border and is the only red rose that I have. It is a Hybrid Tea and is fairly thorny but the blooms make up for that along with their strong lemon fragrance.

'Rhapsody in Blue' is a Floribunda Rose which means it continuously flowers. It is kept in a pot near my front door. The flowers are a lovely deep purple which fade to a purply grey as they age, it has an average amount of small thorns and a faint scent. 

'Wendy Cussons' is another Hybrid Tea and has what can only be described as huge blooms! It has a strong lemon fragrance and is quite thorny but just like with 'Deep Secret' the blooms more than make up for that! I have two of these in pots at the top of my drive with the following rose inbetween.

'Joie De Vivre' is another Floribunda which as mentioned before continuously flowers along with a more compact habit. As you can see this rose has more layers of petals than the others, which looks beautiful and has a faint scent.

'Champagne Moment' you have all heard about before from me, this is a Shrub rose and is planted in my garden. This rose is sentimental as we bought it last year which is when we got engaged. The rose has a faint perfume, small thorns and I love the two tone colours.

Which leads me onto my final rose. This rose is a new addition and was all thanks to the previous one. I entered a photo of the one above into a competition, WON and this was my prize!

'Princess Alexandra of Kent' is a David Austin Shrub Rose and is currently waiting for it's final place after arriving yesterday. The rose hasn't bloomed yet but you can see there are plenty of buds so hopefully it will do so soon.

I hope you have all enjoyed a look at my roses, why not share your own?
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  1. these look amazing Nat - I love the champagne moment especially xx