Saturday, 8 November 2014

Winter Bulbs ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is short and sweet about something that you can do this week, will take you 5 minutes and ensure some well needed colour in the Winter months!
As I mentioned in the Checklist now is the time to plant Winter bulbs, especially if you want something in bloom at Christmas. Well why not try some Narcissus - Paperwhites! These can be planted in pots now and will bloom in about 8 weeks, giving you some great indoor blooms.

I decided to try three different techniques of growing them. The first is one I saw on-line of planting them in a clear vase with just a layer of stone / grit in the bottom. Add some water to about a third of the way up of the layer and ensure this is kept topped up. I haven't tried this before so it'l be interesting to see if it works!

I also tried them in some plastic vases with some compost and another layer of grit. 

Along with these techniques I planted the two left over bulbs in just compost. It'l be interesting to see which way performs better, if any!

Thanks for stopping by & have a good weekend!

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