Thursday, 6 November 2014

Auriculas ... Lot's Of Auriculas!

Good Morning!
Today's post is a little job that I managed to do a few days ago, yes even though it is November there are still some things you can do.
A few weeks ago my Grandad gave me some Auricula plug plants and it was time to pot them on last weekend. Ideally you should do this in early Autumn but you can still do it now if needed. Auricula's start putting new growth on in the Autumn so it's good to get small plants potted then. 

You can pot them on in either Teracotta or Teracotta coloured plastic pots. 
I like to use a mix of John Innes no.2 mixed with Horticultural Grit for the compost finishing off with a top layer of Grit.

TIP - When watering you only need about a teaspoons worth at a time and try to make sure you do not splash the leaves.

As you can see my collection spreads right across the top shelves of my staging. If I have counted correctly I have 40 plants and don't forget you can indeed split plants to create even more. It should certainly be a good display when they're flowering ... fingers crossed!

These can be kept outside during the winter but they do need protection from the rain as the leaves don't like getting wet. So until I manage to persuade my Dad to build me an Auricula Theatre (*hint hint* I hope you are reading this ... ) they will have to make do in the Greenhouse for now.

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