Friday, 15 August 2014

Winter Arrivals ...

Good Morning!
It's been a bit quiet over here recently as during this time of Summer all you can do really is enjoy the garden and the occasional maintenance that I share in the Weekly Checklist.
However yesterday there was something to tell you all about, the arrival of some of my Winter Bedding!

Of course trying to find space in the GH around the Tomatoes was a challenge but I managed to squeeze them all in! First up are the 'Bellis - Pomponette' which I ordered from T&M.

They also arrived with the 'Primrose - Rosebud' Plugs! 
You wouldn't think there were 70 plug in this little tray would you ...

Just like with the Summer Bedding you need to make sure that you prick out your plugs straight away into fresh compost and trays.

I still have some Viola's to arrive but hopefully I will be able to make some more space before they arrive!

Before I go I wanted to leave you with a few little photo's I haven't had the chance to share with you all yet.
First up are the 'Cucamelons' and if you are growing these too then they should be about ready too, make sure you pick them when they are the size of a grape and are still firm.

My last remaining Hollyhock (thanks to the hungry bunny earlier in the year) finally flowered last week and I was pleased to see that it has lovely white flowers.

The garden has also experienced some winged visitors which seem to be enjoying the flowers too :)

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