Monday, 18 August 2014

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
It's Monday so it is time for another Weekly Garden Checklist. 
Incase this is the first time you have seen this particular themed post, it's a quick list of jobs you can be doing in the garden this week.
Let's get started!

1. Pull Out Tired Annuals - Now that were reaching the end of Summer and experiencing rough weather some Summer Annuals will be looking past their best. Pull out tired bedding to give your garden and pots a tidier look. You can replace them with Wallflowers that are ready for planting out.

2. Prick Out Winter Bedding - You will have seen from my last post the Mail Order Winter Bedding is starting to arrive. If yours does make sure you prick it out straight away to give it the best chance.

3. Sow Herbs - Sow herbs such as Parsley now to keep you going through Winter.

4. Close the Greenhouse - Temperatures are starting to drop on a night now so keep an eye on the temperature where you are, and remember to close Vents / Windows on a night if it gets cold.

5. Apply Lawn Feed - Prepare the grass for Winter with a feed which will also help promote strong root growth.

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  1. don't forget the weeding too lol xx

  2. ps ,that was the dogs idea lol
    dad x