Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Year, New Layout ...

Good Morning!
Following on from the last post, I thought I'd share some photo's of how the Greenhouse is looking after the two new additions! 
Straight away on the left the first thing you can spot is the Vitopod Propagator which is now set up on the wooden bench that my Father kindly made for me. It sounds strange but the Greenhouse actually feels more spacious now with those large items inside!

All I need to do now is sow some seeds and get the Propagator going!

On the opposite side you can see the plants that I am overwintering, I have since given these plants a little re-arrange, simply because some areas of the Greenhouse gets more light than other areas in winter so I don't like to keep one plant in the shadiest part (unless of course it's happy there) for too long.

The little bench at the end is holding some smaller pots of plants that I am over - wintering along with some potted bulbs, one of which, an Iris, has started coming into flower.

Thanks for stopping by, I will be back with the Garden Checklist later in the week and the Plant Series - Problem Areas will be back next week.


  1. what a fantastic father you have Natalie, your so lucky

  2. Looks fab, encouraged me to get out into mine this weekend and do a real good clean up, thrown away everything that needs to be replaced or got rid of what I don't need! Have got some new bubble wrap ready to replace the old, just need to buy some wood for the base to be replaced and some white wash and will be all ready again! Enjoying your blog. xx