Friday, 29 January 2016

A Touch of Frost ...

Good Morning!
Last week during the frosty weather I went around the garden and took a few snaps of the some of the plants which looked particularly decorative with a dusting of frost.
As you can see from my selection it was the plants with the darker coloured foliage I found most attractive ...

Two different varieties of Heuchera

A dark foliaged Primrose that has also had an unwelcome nibble

Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb'

Clematis 'Winter Beauty'

and meanwhile over in the Greenhouse which is thankfully frost - free the Iris 'George'' 
I shared with you a week or so ago has been blooming away and has now also opened a second bloom. However the Iris is actually a deep purple and not blue as this photo depicts! 

Thanks for stopping by, I will be back with the Garden Checklist this weekend!

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