Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Year Blooms ...

Good Morning!
I hope you have all enjoyed the Christmas  / New Year Break, it's flown by!
Today I thought I would share a few pics of what is currently in flower in my garden, what with all the mild weather we've had this Winter certain plants are flowering earlier than usual ... or simply haven't stopped! 
Why not take a look around your own garden and see what you can spot.

The White Speckled Hellebore I bought last year from a local garden centre is almost in full flower, a few weeks ahead than it should be.

Whereas my Hellebore 'Pink Beauty' planted in the ground is still forming buds.

Although it's not technically in flower, the brightness of the foliage of my 'Leucothoe Fontanesiana Makijaz' always catches my eye when I walk past it, especially when it's just been raining!

My Alstroemeria Inca 'Ice Koice' hasn't stopped flowering although this is the only stem with flower buds left than I can see.

I took two cuttings from my Hebe 'Pearl of Paradise' the year before last which have grown into good size plants. The one that is still remaining in a pot has started to flower this week.

Flowers have also appeared on the Viburnum 'Tinus' which is right for this time of year, the following photograph is from the plant in the back garden with just a few flowers, it was also attacked by Viburnum Beetle in the Summer. However the one planted in the border at the front of the house, albeit a bit smaller is covered in flowers!

The Euphorbia in the GH border has an early flower spike whilst the one in a pot hasn't any but looks equally impressive when it's glistening with rain.

The Winter flowering Clematis 'Winter Beauty' growing against the shed is in it's first year of flower. I've been watching the flower buds grow over the past month or so and one of them finally bloomed yesterday!

My Purple Penstemon hasn't stopped flowering since last Summer.

Nor has the Climbing Rose 'Hiedelberg'

... and finally the Iris 'George' that I have under cover in the Greenhouse is showing signs of colour!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi, Nat! Nice to see that here's still a few flowers left in your garden, although everything does seem to be confused by this mild weather! My viburnum is in flower, which as you say is right for the time of year (though mine has been flowering since November) and I still have a few hardy geraniums with an odd flower on them! Can't wait for some warmer weather - I've decided to attack the front garden first, mainly because it's the smallest plot...but I know how best laid plans can turn to dust, so we'll see! Happy gardening for 2016! Hugs, Lisa x

    1. You should share some photo's and ideas of your plans for the front garden on your blog sometime :) Even if it's all you do this year it'l be one less thing to think about! xxx

    2. My plans at the moment include a huge pile of reclaimed bricks that are stacked in the other side of my front garden and I think I would like to do some sort of brick paving with planting areas?! My biggest problem is trying to clear the grass that's currently there - well, because of the front hedge, it tends to be a collection of moss and strange fungus! Plus I would like to transplant some of my perennials into pots, so I can move them around - I tend to change my garden around more than my furniture!?! Here's hoping Mother Nature plays fair with a bit of decent weather! xx