Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year, New Additions ...

Good Morning!
This post is a little indulgent, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to buy themselves treats once in a while!

Okay so the first thing I have to share is what I am also calling an 'investment' as it was a little pricey, but is something I will be using A LOT. 
I have bought the Double Layer, Double Size Vitopod Propagator.
Once fully assembled it will measure 55cm D x 1.1m L x 39cm H.
As you can probably guess you can get it in a smaller size that's a bit cheaper. 
(If you want to get one yourself pop me an e-mail and I'l let you know where you can buy it from with a 10% discount, which saved me just under £19)
 However I think that just like with Greenhouses, get the biggest size you can allow as you will soon fill it up! Not only can it be used for sowing seeds and propagation, it can also be used to over winter plants needing a certain temperature. Which will be cheaper than heating a full greenhouse! You can also buy additional layers if you need more height. The Propagator can be set at any temperature between 5c & 30c (ideal for germinating seeds needing high temps) and once it's up and running I'm sure you will be hearing a lot more about it! Fingers crossed you won't be too bored .....

Next up is a much cheaper addition than above, a plain notebook. 
I much prefer these to Diaries which allocate the same small amount of space to each date. Another advantage is that if you don't have anything to write for a few days it doesn't matter, you can just write the chosen date at the top of the page and having the pages blank allows for as much as space as you need and if you feel the need to, any sketches of ideas / plants that you see when out and about. Keeping a Garden Journal I think is a great way to record your success's and failures, notes on what you like or don't like, lists of seeds / plants that you have or want ... I could go on! 
It's also a great way to look back and see what was performing well at one time of year compared to the next, no matter what you think you can't remember everything lol I also prefer using a pencil to a pen as sometimes I write to quickly and get my words all jumbled up!

The New Year saw some new Gardening Books being added to my collection, if you are interested in a little light ready I would recommend any of these books. The ones on Veg & Herbs I think are also great for beginners as not only do they detail many variaties complete with botanical drawings, it also includes the history, cultivation, cooking tips and some recipes for each plant.
I just wish there were more hours in the day to get them all read! I still have some that I bought a few months before Christmas waiting to be opened ...

Finally I couldn't start the New Year off without some New Plants of course!
The Tree you can spy in the blow photograph is a Magnolia 'Black Tulip', found at a bargain price I've wanted one for ages and couldn't resist it.

There are also 3 Cornus plants, showing off their fantastic Winter Colour, 'Midwinter Fire' and 2 'Sibirica'. The pot that looks empty is hosting a Dicentra 'Aurora' which is a Herbaceous Perennial and will start to show itself in the Spring.

There were also some Hellebore Plug Plants that arrived as I'd been wanting some of the darker colours. I immediately potted them up into 9cm Pots and here's hoping they will grow into good strong plants! There are 3 'Red Lady' and 3 'Blue Metallic Lady' Lady Series. 
As you can spy they are currently sharing their spot with some rather confused Hosta's!

Whew! Well I hope I have inspired you to treat yourselves, even if it is just to a notebook!
Fingers crossed once the Propagator is all set up and the GH has been given a re-shuffle to fit it in I shall have some photo's to share.

I will also be back next week with my Garden Checklist Series and the Problem Area Series!


  1. Hope the propogator turns out to be a good investment, Nat and nice to see you treating yourself to a few new plants and gardening books - if we can't indulge ourselves with our interests, then what's the point?! I look forward to seeing how your garden blooms in 2016! Lisa xx

  2. I wonder which mug [I mean genius}will be making the bench for the propagator :)

  3. mmmmmmm correct again xxxxx