Saturday, 16 January 2016

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Along with the few things I mentioned over the past couple of weeks, there are a couple of other bits and bobs you can be getting on with in the garden too.

1. Hedges - If you have hedges surrounding your garden / property this time of year is ideal to give them a good weed. This particular job easily be forgotten as once hedges are established, we do tend to take them for granted!
You will need a kneeling pad and some gloves and simply all you need to do is reach underneath the hedges and pull out any weeds that you come across along with any debris, be careful of any pieces of glass. Weeding hedges is especially important for those that are newly planted for the first three years to help prevent them having to compete with weeds for nutrients and establish properly.

2. Winter Bedding - Keeping up with dead heading is important to help prolong their flowering time and of course maintain a good plant health. Dead heading is especially important in wet weather as faded / rotting blooms can fall on up coming flower buds resulting in Botrytis and restricting flowering.

3. Soil  - If your soil isn't frozen you can get on with the job of improving your soil. Digging in good quality garden compost / manure will improve the soil by adding nutrients, improve drainage and the ability to conserve moisture. 

4. Blackcurrants - If you are growing Blackcurrants you can prune out the oldest stems from your plants to encourage new shoots.

5. Greenhouse - Due to the Winter Weather if your Greenhouse is looking a bit dirty, give the windows a clean to help improve the light quality for the plants inside. Light levels are low at this time of year so the more they can have the better.
You can also dispose of any old compost and rubbish that is past it's best within the GH as it may be providing a home for unwelcome visitors!

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