Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Gardening ...

Good Morning!
I hope you are all enjoying the Easter Holidays, it's the prime time to be getting on with bits in the garden! As you are reading this I will be at work along with tomorrow too, but here's what I managed to get done in the Garden yesterday.

This year I have decided to try growing Strawberries in Hanging Baskets kept in the Greenhouse.
I bought 3 Early Season 'Christine' and 3 Main Season 'Hapil' plants this week and planted them up yesterday.

Along with these baskets I also -
* Potted on some Evergreen Shrubs that had outgrown their current pots using John Innes no.3 Compost.
* Sowed Some Dahlia and Cosmos seeds in the Greenhouse, along with some Carrot & Swiss Chard seeds in the Raised Bed.

Lastly I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of the plants in the Garden that caught my eye during the day. 
First up is the 'Silver Lace' Primrose I bought along with the Strawberries earlier in the week.

I really have a fondness for Primula's this year, and this is no exception. The delicate flowers on the 'Primula Veris' have slowly appeared over the past couple of days.

There's also some pretty spring blooms on some of my spring flowering Alpines ...

Finally the flower spikes on my 'Carex - Oshimensis Evergold' have appeared and unless you look closely they're hard to notice, but when you do spot them they're a pleasant surprise.

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