Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Spare Half Hour ...

Good Morning!
I hope you have all been enjoying the sunny weather we've been having recently. Typically I have spent it at work and now it's my day off it's decided to cloud over!
Today I just thought I'd share with you what I did when I had a spare half hour with all of those Pelargonium plants I bought a couple of weeks ago.

I bought some 25cm pots that were on offer for them and filled with some John Inees No.2 Compost.

All of the plants had developed a good root system already which was why I was able to pot them on. However if you also have some and you can't see the roots peeking through the bottom just yet I'd hold off on potting them on until you can.

I teased the roots out gently and placed in the centre of each pot, firming in.

They were then given a top dressing of Horticultural Grit, this helps keeps moisture in along with giving a neater finish.

Here you can also see the cuttings from last years Pelargoniums sitting on the top shelf.

Before I go you can see that the Fuchsia 'Black Prince' and Pleione Formosana have bloomed in the Greenhouse.

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  1. I was sooo good today, Nat! Went to the local garden centre with my MIL (had to have lunch there too!) and saw the lovely dark purple leaved hardy geranium that I hankered after on my last visit but still managed to come away empty handed, as I have nowhere to plant them yet :( I convinced my MIL that she needed one and a lovely yellow leaved euonymus to go with it...I'll have to wait for mine, or maybe if I'm crafty I'll get a cutting from hers! :) Lisa x

    1. lol your better behaved than me! I'd definitely get a few cuttings ;) xxx

  2. I'm very impressed :) luv Emma