Saturday, 18 April 2015

Weekly Garden Checklist & Blooms ...

Good Morning!
Happy Weekend to you all, I am back with some things you can be getting on with in the garden this weekend ...

1. Daffodils & Tulips - The blooms are slowly starting to go over in my garden so once this happens to you it's a good idea to pick the faded flowers off. Do this by simply nipping off this flower head and this will help focus  all the plants energy back into the bulb instead of setting seed ... along with looking much tidier!

2. Delphiniums - The fresh young shoots should be putting on good growth so now is the perfect time to stake them before it's too late.

3. Sowing Seeds - This is the prime time to be getting on with your seed sowing, so don't delay much longer if you haven't started already.

4. Primroses - Once Primroses have finished flowering, why not divide them up giving yourself more plants? I will be doing this and then potting them up, which will give me extra plants for next year.

5. Summer Bulbs - Now is also the time to get bulbs such as Lillies & Gladioli planted in time for the Summer!

Finally I thought I'd leave you with a few snaps of what is looking good in my garden right now.
The Euphorbia's are looking striking with their contrast of Red & Lime in their pots ...

The Pink Wallflowers I sowed last year are starting to come into bloom...

My dark foliaged Primroses are blooming ...

Cowslips and Daffodils are looking cheery, I really like these dainty Daffs, they look much more delicate to the usual larger varieties ...

My Outdoor stand of Alpines and Primula's is providing a colourful display ...

The Azalea next to the back door has also come into flower this week with some striking pink blooms ...

And finally more of my Auricula's are starting to flower, I can't wait to see what colours the remaining 40 odd will produce!

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  1. Great tips for any gardener Nat, you also gave my memory a nudge, need to sow some seeds I have..have a good day.xx

    1. Glad I could be of help! lol xxx

  2. Lovely pics, a beautiful time of year.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend x Susan x

  3. Lovely pics, a beautiful time of year.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend x Susan x

  4. Don't know why that posted twice - must stake my delphiniums tomorrow as like yours they have some good growth, l planted mine last year as young bought plants and was so pleased to see them come though as they are a delicacy to slugs, l have also some delphinium seedlings growing in the greenhouse ready to pot on - l have never grown them from seed before .

    1. Fingers crossed the slugs will keep away from them :) xxx

  5. You're starting to get quite a bit of colour in the garden, Nat! I am so wanting to plant something but this hard landscaping lark is so time and money consuming! - need some paving slabs and pots next then maybe I'll get to plant something at least! Lisa x