Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Here are just a few suggestions that you could be getting on with this week ...

1. Rhubarb - If you are growing Rhubarb you will have noticed that it's been putting on some growth recently, for tasty stems cover any long shoots with a bucket or forcer now which will be ready to harvest soon. 

2. Prick Out Seedlings - Seeds that have been sown in the past few weeks should have germinated and be ready to pot on into single cells.

3. Cuttings - Cuttings taken last year should also be ready to pot on. If you are unsure tap them out of their pots gently to check the root growth. If they look like they need a couple more weeks then simply pop them back into the pot. However if you are confident that they are ready then pot them on into singular pots with a mix of either potting on compost or simply some multi-purpose.


4. Flowering Pots - There's always space for more plants, if like me you have no willpower when wandering around a garden centre, why not buy a few plants that are in flower now, or about to come into flower and plant up a pot.
Here I have used a Hellebore & Euphorbia which I purchased the other week along with a Pink Wallflower sown last year and a pink Primrose which is slowly coming into flower.

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