Saturday, 21 March 2015

Full Bloom ...

Good Morning!
Just a quick post from me today, the plants I shared with you last weekend have all finally come into bloom so I thought you might like to see them. 
Incase any of you are wondering I will also be back with my 'Weekly Garden Checklist' posts from next week.

After about a fortnight of waiting the petals on my single Auricula bloom have finally fully opened. Well worth the wait!

The same can also be said for the 'Anemone - Harmony Pearl'.

The Pulmonaria is looking bright and eye-catching now too.

Oh and as soon as I published last week's post my Hellebore's also started to bloom lol

Finally I went to a Garden Centre yesterday and of course couldn't resist collecting some new additions on my way around. Well could you resist the red foliage on both the Primroses & Euphorbia's? Oh and how could anyone resist the speckling on the Hellebore petals ...

Thanks for popping by, I'l be back in a couple of days with the Checklist!

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  1. Mother Nature nevers ceases to amaze, Nat! I am itching to get out there now! Hubby has made me a pallet dismantling tool in preparation for doing my raised beds! He has also pinned a fab multi level planter which I want to plant strawberrries in, so we will be busy...once he gets me some pallets! :) I did paint the new lean to wall (my oak panels for on top should come next week) and move what few pots I have around, so I have started! Hugs, Lisa x