Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wakey Wakey ...

Good Morning!
Apologies yet again for the blog being so quiet over the past couple of weeks. Due to work and undesirable weather conditions I haven't really been able to do much in the garden! We did however get a couple of days sunshine recently (although now it seems to have greyed back over) which seems to have helped wake the garden up! There will be more details on the jobs I managed to do during this brief spell of sunshine but I am saving it for this weekend's Garden Checklist.

Today I thought I'd share some snaps of how the garden is looking now, some plants are starting to wake back up and I've had a little bit of a shuffle around. 
The first and biggest change you will notice though is that there is a new addition .... 
a cold frame!
Made with some left over wood from the raised bed and a second-hand pane of glass, my Dad managed to fit it all together at the end of the raised bed. You can open the lid at different stages via the metal at the front or hold the lid back completely with some chain on warmer days. It's currently housing my Auriculas and potted Herbs, the auricula's don't like too much rain and the pots the herbs are sitting in aren't frost proof!

I've also moved the eyesore of the bins to the driveway and replaced the area with some large potted shrubs which makes the sitting area a much more pleasant place to sit! 
The Ribes in the centre is starting to form it's flowers and I can't wait for the perfume to arrive.

The various pots of plants near the raised bed have been repositioned and you will spot that the Belfast sink is still waiting to be planted up ... I have some of plants that I intend to use but they need to produce a little bit more growth before I plant them in position.

The pots next to the conservatory have been reduced and just like above I am waiting for some of the smaller ones at the front to produce more growth before I will be completely happy with how they look.

Finally the Hellebore's are producing some pretty and colourful blooms. One of the things I love about these plants is that the faded blooms look just as beautiful as the new ones!

Thanks for stopping by, I'l be back on Saturday with the next Garden Checklist!


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and tidy, Nat and I'm glad you've managed to get out there with this spell of Spring weather we're having. Like you, it has clouded over more today but the forecast is for the sun to burn through later, so maybe a cuppa outside might be on the cards?! Love your cold frame - I made a raised bed last year out of old pallet wood and fancy doing the same, but maybe using it in the summer to try and grow some outdoor tomatoes as I've had green ones for the last 2 years! We just don't get enough warmth here in the west!
    Those hellebores are just wonderful and as you say can look just as beautiful when faded, a bit like hydraengas when they go over and get all papery and look as if they've been inked with Distress Inks! Hope you get time over the weekend to do some more...hugs, Lisa x

  2. I've just been having a browse of your gardening blog Nat (popped over from your cardmaking blog linky!) and it's lovely. I've sown my veg seeds (climbing beans and mange touts) a couple of weekends ago under cover in the greenhouse, but only about 10 of the 80 that I planted have germinated. I'm a bit disappointed, it's probably my worst ever take-up rate. Looks like I'll have to try some more. I think the potatoes have taken though as they're starting to surface. I just need some dry weekends to do some weeding! You seem to prefer the pots, but I don't have much success with pots as they need more looking after (watering more often) and I'm a bit lax on that!! Whoops! Love seeing all your lovely pics. xx