Sunday, 6 March 2016

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Here's a few things that you can be getting on with in the garden over the coming week ...

1. Borders  -If your borders are showing a few gaps due to plants that haven't survived the winter, now is a good time to fill the gaps! As long as the ground isn't frozen you could fill the space with plants such as Hellebores or Snowdrops which have been divided into smaller clumps. 

2. Tomato Seedlings - If you have sown Tomato seeds and they have reached a height of around 2.5cm it's time to pot them on. When doing this make sure you hold the leaf, not the stem. Pot the seedlings into small pots such as 7.5cm and bury the whole of the stem.

3. Feed - Carrying on from the first tip mentioning borders now is also a good time to give your plants situated there a good feed.Sprinkle some Fish, Blood & Bone feed onto the ground and work into the soil. A mulch will also help improve your soil but make sure you add it when the ground is moist and not dry. 

4. Summer Flowering Clematis - Prune any Summer Flowering Clematis, cutting back to a pair of healthy buds. It will also soon be time to prune any early flowering Clematis as the best time to do this is after they have finished flowering. 

5. Roses - If you haven't done so already it's time to finish pruning roses over the start of this month. 

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