Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Plant of the Month ... Pulmonaria!

Good Morning!
I started this series last month and today I am back with the next instalment.

Pulmonaria (or Lungwort) is an attractive early flowering Hardy Perennial which provides eye catching colour at this time of year and will continue well into Spring. Perfect for woodland areas, flower borders and beds the clump forming perennial also provides ground cover throughout the year.
The variety I have and I am sharing photo's of below is called 'Silver Bouquet' but there are also other variations in strictly blue, pink and even white.
This plant is ideal for a first time gardener as you can pretty much leave it to itself for most of the year!

Pulmonaria are ideally planted in either a North, East or West facing sheltered position and are happy on moist well drained soils that are chalky, clay or loam in part shade. The ultimate height and spread of this plant in approx 2-5 years is 0.5-0.5 metres.
Any tattered leaves should be removed after flowering and you can divide the plant every 3 - 5 years at this time or later in Autumn.

Pulmonaria can be prone to 'Powdery Mildew' during dry weather conditions. You can find more info on this particular problem at the top of the blog under the
'Problem Area - Plant Diseases' tab.
If your Pulmonaria is affected by this cut the plant down to ground level, feed and water,
the plant will produce new foliage later in the year.


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  1. Awwww I have this plant growing all over my garden Natalie, it divides & grows really well anywhere I plant it..

    smiles Christine xx