Friday, 9 October 2015

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Here's a few things you can be doing in your garden over the coming days.

1. Leaves - Leaves are starting to fall so it's a good time to start raking them up and using them to create your own Leaf Mould.

2. Tender Plants - With the lower temperature's it's a good time to walk around your garden and look out your tender plants that won't survive the winter outside, it's time to bring them under cover.

3. Winter Pots & Baskets - If you haven't already it's time to get cracking with your Winter Pots & Baskets. I've decided to cut down on the baskets this year but I have made up a couple of pots with a mix of Heuchera's, Grasses, Euonymous and Viola's.
 If you are planning on planting bedding out in your borders too then now is also a good time to do that.

Viola - Amber Kiss

4. Equipment - If you have glazed or non - frost proof pots outside these will also need to be brought under cover or protected with bubblewrap. In cooler temperatures these pots can crack and break. You will also need to put any hosepipes back into storage and wrap the taps with insulation. It's best to get on with these jobs before any casualties occur!

5. Pests - If you have any plants that your are over - wintering in the Greenhouse keep checking them for any signs of pests. These can easily get in on the days you have the door open for ventilation or could have been carried in on any of the plants you have moved in from outside. No matter how thoroughly you think you've checked them something always seems to sneak in!

6. Sweet Peas - If you are planning on Autumn sowing some Sweet Pea's, then now is the time to get cracking!

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  1. Morning, Nat! Love your pretty winter planted pots - heucheras are one of my favourite plants - they come in such a range of colour tones and are a really wonderful foliage plant! And those violas are a lovely bright addition to the garden when everything else is putting on it's winter coat! Have a fab weekend! Hugs, Lisa x

    1. Thanks hun, I wanted some warm colours for the winter chill and Heauchera's are great foliage plants for the upcoming months :) xxx