Sunday, 27 September 2015

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Am I the only one who is starting to feel the chill of Autumn all of a sudden this week?
This morning we were greeted by mist, a chilly breeze and illuminated cobwebs all over the garden. I don't mind though, it is one of my favourite times of the year.
Back to today's post and here's a few things you can be doing in your garden over the coming days.

1. Greenhouse - This week's chill has kick started me into getting the Greenhouse ready for the changes in temperature. We've had lows of 6c on a few nights so I've been putting up some insulation in the Greenhouse this weekend. The best way to do this is by Bubblewrap, simply fix to the the inside of the Greenhouse and it will help keep the temperatures inside a few degrees higher than outside over the colder months. I also have an electric heater that is set to come on if it drops below 5c which if you are wanting to over winter tender plants, is something that you need.

2. Winter Bedding - The Viola's I received a few weeks ago have been potted on into larger 9cm pots from trays this week. Another thing you can do to help your bedding plants produce stronger growth is to pinch off any of the first flush of flower heads. It may seem harsh but it will help focus the plants energy on stronger roots and a larger bushier plant. 

3. Onions & Garlic - If you are planning on growing either of these, now is the time to plant your Autumn sets. When planting make sure you plant the onion sets with the top part peeking through the top of the soil and the Garlic about an inch below the surface. Make sure that when you plant both of these the pointy end is at the top. 
TIP - If you want to plant these but currently have no space, you can plant the bulbs in module trays, leave over winter, then plant them out in the Spring.

4. Cuttings - If like me you took some Cuttings a few months ago which were potted on once they'd rooted, they should be ready for their final pots before Winter. 
For example this Pelargonium cutting was potted on into a small pot about 2 months ago and when I checked it this week the roots had pushed through to the bottom. I have now potted it into a small Terracotta pot for the winter in a mix of John Innes no.2 and Grit.

5. Potted Plants - On the subject of 'Potting On' now is also a good time to freshen up those plants that live permanently in pots. I like to refresh their compost every 2 or so years and maybe pot them on into a pot which is the next size up. For plants that are already in the largest pot possible you can root prune them.
For plants that live in pots I use John Innes no.3 with a small amount of slow release fertiliser mixed in. Don't forget to add some crocs in the bottom to help aid drainage. I like to cover the top with a layer of Grit to reduce weeds / moss growing on the top and to help keep moisture in during the warmer months.

Abutilon - Megapotamicum

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  1. Hi Nat, my Abutilon - Megapotamicum stays outside all year round, whatever the weather and and has even survived when water sodden and frozen! As is yours a beautiful flower. Love Jane x

    1. Hi Jane! This year mine will be staying outside, it was simply brought into the Greenhouse for potting on purposes :) xxx