Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
It's time again for my Weekly Garden Checklist,
Okay, let's get started!

1.Plant Up Summer Pots - Just like the Hanging Baskets it's also time to make a start on your Summer Pots. This year I'm keeping mine simpler with just one plant in some of them. I am using a mix of Multi Purpose, John Innes No.2, Water Retaining Gel  (2 scoops) and some Slow Release Food. If your plants have been growing in a Greenhouse or somewhere sheltered then its a good idea to start hardening them off before putting them permanently outside. To do this simply put them outside during the day then back under cover for the night, also there's still a chance of frost! Do this for all new plants and Bedding Plants :)
TIP - If you are creating permanent pots where you won't be changing them at the end of the season then use John Innes no.3 instead with some added drainage.

2. Vegetables - Keep an eye on weeds around your Vegetables and if you spot any, pull them up right away. It will give your plants a better chance and stop them competing for nutrients.

3. Pests - Keep an eye out for pests such as Aphids, Slugs and Lily Beetle shown below. 
If you spot one of these it's best to squish it right away.

4. Protect -Another way to prevent young plants from being attacked is to place Copper Rings around those that are vulnerable. I like to use them against Slugs and Snails instead of pellets. You can also use Nemetodes which is a friendlier alternative that you just water onto the soil.

5. Grey Mould - With the warmer wetter weather Grey Mould can still be a problem in the GH, keep checking your plants and hanging baskets and remove any affected areas right away, if left you could end up losing a whole plant.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, and the copper ring really works does it????? not heard that before will have a go....xx

    1. I've found they do :) Just make sure they're pushed into the ground properly and that none of the plant touches the ground outside the ring so the slugs & snails can't climb onboard! lol xxx