Saturday, 9 May 2015

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Apologies for not posting sooner, the past week or so has been pretty busy.
Here are just a few suggestions that you could be getting on with this week ...

1.Hanging Baskets - Plant up Summer Hanging Baskets indoors to get them established before going outside. I like to add some Slow Release Feed and Water Crystals to help reduce the chance of them drying out in the Summer. As you can see I have planted 4 main basket plants in each 14" Basket. There is a Diascia in centre surrounded by Nepeta, Surfinia Petunia and either a Trailing Fuchsia or Begonia. Make sure you plant your main plants in the gaps between chains. I will also be adding some fillers such as Lobelia in the spaces inbetween ... I just need to get some!

2. Pot On Seedlings - Keep potting on seedlings that you've sown. You can also start to slowly harden them off in the coming weeks by placing them somewhere sheltered outside during the day, then bringing back under cover on a night.

3. Prune - Now is the time to prune Spring Flowering Shrubs such as Ribes once they have finished flowering. This is also the time to go out and buy some! I recently treated myself to a Ribes which I have planted in a large pot.

4. Feed - Once your Spring bulbs have finished flowering and you've dead headed them, they'll benefit from a liquid feed.

5. Tomatoes - Pot up your Tomato plants into their final pots, I like to stand mine on a tray of gravel and water. You can also add their growing supports and tie them in. However as you can see the tomato I sowed myself last month is a little while off it's final pot! lol

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  1. It certainly is a busy time in the greenhouse and garden at the moment isn't it. My greenhouse is bursting at the seems, l bought loads of trays of bedding at B&Q this week that they were selling off for 50p a tray - nothing wrong with the plants they just need the space for more deliveries - Lord knows where it is all going to go. My perrenials are growing well and covering the spring bulbs that are dying back. With all the heavy rain we are yesterday l am on slug patrol lol. Happy gardening x Susan x ps Nat l potted up 16 tomatoe plants - don't know where they are going either lol.

    1. lol I used to be like that, this year I'm trying to be strong and not go too mad on plants ... but I'm starting to think I might not have enough! lol xxx