Sunday, 24 May 2015

Gardening with Containers ...

Good Morning!
Today I thought I would share some snaps from around my Garden of my Container Displays. However no doubt they will soon change as I'm forever re-arranging things lol Due to renting and the garden being small and two thirds Patio most of my planting has to be done in Containers. I can't wait to own my own Garden one day! lol

First up is the shady corner between the conservatory and the fence, this spot only gets sunshine from tea - time onwards and is a rather unsightly spot. Here I have put my Acer which is a little unsightly atm due to getting wind burn in it's previous spot. Alongside is a Christmas Tree from 2 years ago that I potted up ... mainly to see if it'd survive lol There's also Euonymus, a Fern and a pot of Tulips along with some of this Springs Primroses. 

Back round to the other side of the Conservatory is my main pot display.
On the left side of the door is an Azalea, Agapanthus, mixed Herbs and another pot of Tulips.

Over on the right side...
In the larger tubs from left to right are a Rhododendron, Pittosporum - Tom Thumb and Leucothoe Fontanesiana Makijaz. These are surrounded by a variety of Euphorbia, Heuchera, Hellebore, Primroses and Primulas, and a potted Conifer & Perennial Viola.  There's also some potted Alliums at the back.  

Practically opposite those pots is my Raised Bed which currently houses Onions, Garlic, Carrots and Rainbow Chard. Infront of it you can see my David Austin 'Princess Alexandra of Kent', Abutilion and another Rose 'Rhapsody in Blue. You can see the Belfast Sink hasn't yet been planted up, I'm still being indecisive so it's just currently holding some Dianthus pots. 

Filling the gap between the Greenhouse and Conifer Hedge is my Salix - Flamingo which is currently under planted with Wallflowers. Yes I am aware that there are weeds at the base but they help fill the unsightly gap at the bottom of the hedge and provide some shelter for insects. 

Infront of my Greenhouse in the background you can see my Barrel Pond which finally has some plants in it! All I need now is to get a new miniature Water Lily as my previous one died over winter. Infront of it is my Ribes, Imperata - 'Red Baron', French Lavender, Euonymus and Dahlia 'Rip City'.

Finally at the top of our drive and my two Apple Trees - Cox's Orange Pippin & Tickled Pink. These are joined by three Roses, Joie De Vivre in the centre and Wendy Cussons on either side. 

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  1. You have some gorgeous planters there Natalie, and wow for the Christmas tree, looks so healthy...x

  2. Love all your pots, Nat! I have to say I was quite taken with the potageries (miniature veg/herb gardens in a large container) that they were showing on Chelsea. I am also looking at creating vertical height with varying sizes of pots stacked on top of each other...maybe for next year!
    My strawberries seem to have survived their move as they are full of flowers and my rhubarb doesn't look any worse for wear after it's transplant into a large tub, so I'm pleased! I did plant a few lettuces and some summer violas for a splash of colour - just hope the slugs and snails don't devour them!
    I'm hoping the weather stays kind this week so that I can get out there and have a tinker...happy gardening! Hugs, Lisa x

    1. Sounds like your making good progress and you have some interesting ideas for your garden! xxx