Monday, 12 January 2015

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Well I bet you didn't expect to see a Garden Checklist post so early in the year, truth be told neither did myself lol However I had a few things to do around the garden these past few days so thought I might aswell list them for all of you, incase you needed to do them too.

1. Cut back Hellebores - It isn't essential and not every one does this,
but I like to.
January is a good time to cut old Hellebore leaves down to the ground when the new flower buds are showing. This helps the new growth get as much light as possible and also lessens the risk of disease. Here is a photo of the tidy up half way through, you can see it looks much more visually pleasing too.

2. Cyclamen - If you have been keeping Cyclamen in an un-heated conservatory like me recently, you might want to consider moving them into the Greenhouse. Due to the lower temps we've been having and heavy frosts it's been a bit too cool for mine in a north facing conservatory, but a day after moving them into the GH they perked up.
Also don't forget to remove any yellow leaves or signs of mould on the plants, it can soon take over!

3. Greenhouse Plants - Sticking with the Greenhouse theme it's also a good idea to look out for yellowing leaves on other plants such as Pelargoniums and Auriculas. Removing them as soon as you see them will benefit the plant and it's a good idea to check them as often as you can.

4. Feathered Friends - If your feeling the cold then you can bet that our feathered friends will be too. If possible why not set up a bird table or simply hang up a feeder with some feed in for them?
Bread is okay but other food stuffs such as Winter bird seed, Apples that are past their best and Chopped up Raisins, Currants & Sultanas are better for them, Robin's even like small piece of mild cheese! You can also buy specialised suet blocks with added extra's such as mealworms as you can see here.
Also don't forget to keep an eye on small ponds & bird tables, water can soon freeze over limiting their water supply.

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget you can find all the previous Checklists on the page tab above.

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