Monday, 5 January 2015

Frosted Flowers ...

Good Morning!
We've had a few frosty mornings where I live over the past fortnight and even though it's not ideal for us Gardeners, plants can look magical with a touch of frost!
Here's a few snaps that I have taken, I hope you like them.

The Rose 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' was still in bloom at Christmas and the frost gave the edges of the petals a sparkly outline.

The white Polyanthus are my favourite's when they've been frosted, the leaves also take on a magical look.

The buds on the Primroses also catch your eye.

The Cyclamen Coum, Hellebore, Heuchera and Azalea have all been given a frosty outline ...

Finally the one bloom on my 'Passion' Dianthus was given a sparkly transformation too.

Thanks for popping by,

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  1. Nature is so pretty isn't it, Nat?! I love frosty mornings - there's nothing nicer than wrapping up in scarf and gloves and going for a brisk walk and it's so much nicer than all this rain we keep getting, my poor garden is like a bog! Hugs, Lisa x