Monday, 19 September 2016

Harrogate Autumn Flower Show ... Part 1!

Good Morning!
It's been a little while since I last posted, I hope you've all enjoyed the recent weather and are keeping up with the jobs mentioned in my previous post. I've spent the majority of the month simply dead-heading, watering and composting annuals past their best. 
The cabbages sown a few weeks ago are still sat in their trays in the hardening off stage and some winter pansies that I purchased a few weeks ago were potted on and are currently growing on, these will be put in some more hanging baskets once the summer baskets have past their best.

Back to the main subject of today's post and it's all about the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show!
Living in Yorkshire this is the only plant show that I can realistically get to and back in Spring it was the first time I went to it. I couldn't wait for the Autumn one which was on last Saturday and of course I took my camera!
Here are some photo's of the plants that caught my eye ... there's quite a lot!

Alstroemeria psittacina

I'm not usually a fan of begonia's but the spiky foliage on the following plants caught my eye.

Begonia 'Raspberry Swirl' & Begonia benichoma

I loved the green colour scheme of these Chrysanthemums and the fact that the blooms are slightly understated.

Next to the Chrysanthemums was this amazing stand of Hippeastrum and Alliums ...

This stand showcasing Houseplants certainly made me realise I need to add to my collection!

Another plant that I wasn't overly fond of before this visit are Echinaceas but the following two varieties have certainly tempted me ...

This last set of plants caught my attention for having rather unusual flowers ...

Fascicularia bicolour

Tricyrtis formosana Stolonifera

Well that's it for today, I shall share the rest of the photo's with you soon!
I hope you've liked what you've seen so far ...


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  1. I am definitely not jealous of the fact that you have managed to get to 2 flower shows this jealous at all!?! Love that unusual Alstromeria and I have to say that Echinaceas are one of my favourite Autumn flowers - I love the way they open up and then you're just left with the cone and the way they change colour too. Might even get myself one, one of these days! I bought Mum one last year for her birthday and always admire it. The nights are really drawing in now and there's a definite Autumnal feel to the air, especially in the morning - lets hope the sunshine lasts a little longer...hugs, Lisa x