Friday, 10 June 2016

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
It's been a little while since I've been able to post but here's a few things that you can be getting on with this weekend in the garden ...

1. Tomatoes  - If you are growing Cordon Varieties of Tomatoes this year then right about now they will be needing a little help. Cordon varieties need to have something to climb up which is where Bamboo canes usually come into use! Simply place them into your Tomatoes final growing pot (making sure not to damage the roots) then tie the plant to the cane using string. It is also recommended that you tie a cane across the top of the canes to provide support for the canes which will be needed once the plants get growing!  

TIP - Make sure you remove any side shoots produced by the plant as soon as they are visible and don't worry if your plants develop curly tops, this is a perfectly normal things for a healthy plant to do!

2. Climbers - On the subject of support, climbing plants will be putting on a lot of fresh growth right now (e.g. Sweet Peas & Clematis) and the young shoots will need tying in. This is also one of the easiest times to do this as the new growth will be fairly flexible.

3. Faded Foliage - Foliage might be looking a little tired on plants such as Pulmonaria and Hellebores, cut back any of the foliage affected which will promote new growth and reduce the risk of disease.

4. Stronger Growth - Encourage stronger bushier growth on bedding plants by pinching out the growing tips. This will delay flowering for a couple of weeks but will prolong the flowering period for the year and the plant will be much bushier!

5. Biennials - In the Greenhouse now is the time to start sowing Biennials, these are plants which will develop vegetative growth in the current year then flower the next. 
These include plants such as Foxgloves & Wallflowers.

6. Hedging - Finally if you are planning on trimming or pruning any hedges this weekend make sure that you check them for any nesting birds first to ensure that you don't disturb them.

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  1. Another fab checklist, Nat! Wish I had a greenhouse to grow tomatoes...maybe once I stop changing the garden around...again! Managed to get the hedge cut at the bottom of the garden but we have a thrush nesting in the one near the house - it's lovely to see them going in and out with beaks full of worms and insects and you can hear the little chicks now! There's also been quite a few blackbird fledglings, they are so comical and almost as big as their parents but still sit, shivering and wait to be fed!
    The rain has really livened everything up and given the plants a fresh look- it's never the same watering with a watering can! Hope the sunshine doesn't forget to come back again though, we've been spoiled with this spell of Summer weather that I don't think I could cope if that was it for the year! Hugs, Lisa x