Saturday, 28 May 2016

Plant of the Month ... Rhododendron 'Dreamland'

Good Morning!
I started this series last month and today I am back with the next instalment.
The PLANT OF THE MONTH for May is ... RHODODENDRON 'Dreamland'!

'Dreamland' is a hardy compact evergreen Rhododendron with dark foliage and trusses of pale pink flowers which have deep pink buds before opening.
These shrubs are from the Ericaceae family and prefer to be planted on Acidic soil.
Don't worry if your soil isn't acidic though as they can also be grown in a pot of Ericaceous compost ... just like mine!

You can plant this particular variety of Rhododendron in full sun or partial shade in a South or East facing aspect. They also prefer a slightly sheltered position in a moist but well drained soil. When planting make sure that they are planted shallowly as they do not tolerate being planted deeply.
If growing in a pot re-potting into fresh compost every other year is recommended along with replacing the top 5cm of soil in the year between.

Make sure that they receive adequate water throughout the year (especially if in a pot) as failure to do so can affect flowering the following Spring.
Watering with Rain water is preferred as tap water can reduce the acidity around their roots however it can be tolerated for a month or so during Summer if rain water runs out.
Feed the plant in Spring with an Ericaceous fertiliser or a 5-7cm mulch of leaf mould around the base.
The only Pruning needed is to remove dead wood and faded flowers.

- Rhododendron 'Dreamland' may be attacked by Pests such as Vine Weevil & Aphids along with suffering from Diseases such as Powdery Mildew along with Rhododendron specific diseases.
- Flower buds may fail to form or open in Spring if the plant hasn't received sufficient watering in late Summer the year before. Mulching and watering thoroughly from July can prevent this from happening.


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  1. Saw some beautiful rhodedendrons at Powis Castle today from snow white, to soft apricots and yellow, baby pinks to hot pinks - truly spectacular when in full flower! Hope you're enjoying the fabulous weather and not having to work too much! hugs, Lisa x