Monday, 30 November 2015

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Here are a few things you can be getting on with over the next week in your garden.

1. Apple Trees - If you are growing Apple Trees and they need a bit of a tidy up, winter is the ideal time to give them a prune. You can also prune any Autumn fruiting Raspberries to soil level now too.

2. Tools - With the gloomy weather not everyone wants to go outside, if that sounds like you then now is a good time to clean and sharpen any gardening tools.

3. Perennials  - If you don't like the look of dead flower stems over winter cut down any faded stems now and clear away. Whilst doing this keep an eye out for any pests hiding under fallen leaves.

4. Botrytis - Just like I suggested last week, keep checking for any signs of grey mould and act straight away. Remember to water sparingly too which will help prevent this spreading.

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  1. Hi, Nat! I'm surprised that my whole garden hasn't been washed away with this rain recently! The roads are really getting flooded now and I have a boggy patch of wet mud and grass where my garden used to be - oh, for Spring and Summer, so that I can get out there and feel a bit of warmth! Glad you're still finding things to do in your little patch! Take care, hugs, Lisa x