Monday, 16 November 2015

Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
Here are a few things you can be getting on with over the next week in your garden.

1. Stray Seedlings - If you have spotted any rogue seedlings growing in places that aren't ideal, such as a drive way, you can dig them up and put into a more suitable place or pots until you can find somewhere.
For example I saw that there are some Verbascum seedlings growing on my drive that need relocating.

2. Plant Support  - If you have some supports outside that you are wanting to keep in place over winter it's a good idea to check that they are secure and in good condition before they get damaged by bad weather. We've had some windy days here this last week and these can cause havoc if anything isn't in place properly.

3. Transplant / Plant - I had some Geums growing in Teracotta pots that can't stay outside over winter as they aren't frost proof. This gave me the chance to re-jig my borders and take out some plants that I wasn't overly happy with and replaced them with the Geums.
The soil is still warm enough at the moment for you to do this yourself. 

  • Always make sure that you tease the roots out if they have become root bound and that you have given the plant a good water so that the root ball isn't dry before planting.
  • Firm in plants once they are in the ground, you can use your boots to ensure this is done properly.
  • Make sure you give the plant a really good water when you have finished, even if it's raining! I always give each plant a full watering can of water when I plant them into the ground.

4. Planning - If you've sorted through your seed packets as I suggested recently then you'll probably also be starting to think ahead to next year. Have a think about what you want to grow and start stocking up on the seeds you will need. 
I've started to write a list of the Salad Crops that I want to grow and added them to my wish list!

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  1. Good evening, Nat! My garden looks a bit like a bog at the moment with all this rain we're having - drainage is so poor as local knowledge is that it was once a swimming pool! Never held water very well by all accounts and was then turned into a sunken garden before being back filled with huge boulders and rubble and God knows what else?! Glad you're still getting to enjoy yours, despite the weather! Lisa xx

    1. It certainly sounds like your Garden is full of surprises and will keep you busy lol xxx