Saturday, 20 June 2015

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
It's time again for my Weekly Garden Checklist, I know it's been more than a week, apologies!
Okay, let's get started!

1.Feeding - Plants such as Strawberries & Roses would benefit from a liquid feed right now with something like Tomorite or Liquid Seaweed. Not only will it give the Strawberries a boost but also the Roses will appreciate it once they have started flowering.
Another plant you can start feeding now are Tomatoes, make sure you wait until they have started setting fruit and give them a weekly feed. Summer Hanging Baskets & Pots can also be fed weekly now too.

2. Deadhead - Cut down the faded flower stems on Euphorbia's that flower in the Spring. 
Do this with care as the milky sap can be an irritant on skin.

3. Pinching Out - Keep pinching out the growing tips from plants such as Dahlia's and Fuchsia's to promote bushier growth. Don't let the tips go to waste though as you can use them for Cuttings. With Fuchsia cuttings cut the stem to beneath a leaf node and remove the lower leaves. Place down the side of a pot holding watered compost and within a few weeks you should see some new growth which will prove that it's rooted.

4. Plug Plants -Plants that arrived as Plugs a few months ago are putting on good growth and so should yours. Hopefully you have done the same as me and planted them in 9cm Pots upon arrival, gradually working up a pot size as they grow. They should now be ready to be planted into their final pots, here you can see that I have done this with one of my Dianthus Plugs. 
Also just like I have mentioned in no.3 you could also take some Cuttings from the non - flowering shoots to give yourself even more plants! 

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget you can find all the previous Checklists on the page tab above.

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