Saturday, 28 February 2015

Making More Plants ...

Good Morning!
What better way of starting your weekend can there be than doing a spot of Gardening?
Unfortunately I will be at work later today but today's post is something I did myself last weekend. How about making some extra plants?

I remembered that in one of the pre - planted pots my parents bought last year there was a plant that I'd been tempted to buy myself recently. It was the Primula 'Gold Lace'. After being told I could have it if I could find it, I went round and lifted it from the container.

Back in my Greenhouse I was able to split the original plant up into 6 individual parts, 
all you need to do is gently tease the plant apart.

I mixed up some John Innes no.2 with some Horticultural Grit then filled up 6 pots.

After giving each plant a water and letting it drain I topped them off with some more Horticultural Grit which will help keep the compost moist for longer. 
I now have 6 individual plants from my original one, all for the price of nothing ... 
and who knows, if my parent's ask nicely I might even give them one back!

Thanks for stopping by, Have a lovely weekend!


  1. We all love a freebie, Nat and this is the ideal way to make those plants go further! It's supposed to be in the teens by next weekend, so as long as the rain stays away, I might get my first day in the garden since last year! There is just SO much to do! I'll try and post some pics to my timeline...if I manage to achieve anything - I do love gardening but unfortunately, it has to fit in when I have the free time, which always seems so limited! Never mind, Spring is almost here! Hugs, Lisa x

  2. your such a busy bee nat , dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx