Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sowing the Seed ...

Good Morning!
Well I bet you have pretty much already guessed what today's post is about, SEEDS! Just like crafting I seem to have a bit of an addiction when it comes to collecting these, even though I only have a small garden there is no way that I need over 85 packets *blushes* but I just can't help it! 
Luckily seed can keep for around 2 years or more, depending on the type, and I always try to sow atleast a couple of everything each year.

TIP: Store your seeds in a cool place out of direct of direct sunlight to prolong the quality of the seed. I keep mine in a tin on the bottom shelf of a table in my conservatory at the moment but I will move them to a cool cupboard in my kitchen during the Summer.

Here is a look at the latest things I have sown. Usually it's best to sow your tomato seeds back in January / early Feb but seeing those that I did haven't germinated yet I thought I'd try another sowing (this time in a propagator) to see if that would make any difference. The rest is just an assortment of others that I sowed alongside them in the propagtor. 
Traditionally you can sow Cornflower seeds directly into the soil but I always like to give my seeds a head start in the Greenhouse (plus I'm forever changing my mind about where things will go!)

A close-up of cornflower seeds, they look like some cute funky mini brushes!

To sow the seeds I fill trays with a good quality multi-purpose compost. You can use speciality seed compost but I've always used multi-purpose. Once filled give the compost a light sprinkle of water before adding your seeds, this just makes it a little easier instead of doing it after sowing incase you end up washing your seed away! 
Follow the instructions on the back of the packet as to whether you need to cover the seed with a fine layer of compost after placing it onto the tray or not. 
Make sure you label what is what, especially if you're sowing a lot.
Today's sowing will have a plastic cover placed over the top of them just so I can see whether they germinate any quicker than those without a cover.

Here's a look at some seeds I sowed a couple of weeks ago, atleast half of them are starting to make an appearance. 

A close up look at the Cosmos Seedlings ...

Antirrhinum Seedlings...

Before I go I just thought I would share something I came across whilst reading a magazine yesterday. Royal Mail have brought out 6 Postage Stamp designs celebrating our Spring wildflowers, aren't they lovely? I will admit I have given in and bought some just for me to keep and look at. They will be bringing out a new set for each season this year so I imagine it'd be a rather nice collection to have at the end of the year!

Thanks for popping by today, I will be back with something else tomorrow!


  1. It is so exciting when the seedlings shoot isn't it? I will have to get sowing :)

    1. I'm so glad to hear someone else shares my enthusiasm when I see a seedling coming through! :) xxx

  2. I used to grow everything from seed so I know where you are coming from - I still do some veg seeds but tend to buy flower plugs these days - I need to get my broad bean seeds in - yum xx

  3. Lovely to see you little seedlings coming through - l have tomato and broad beans in the gh but as yet have not germinated. I bought an allotment package from DT brown anneed to get the potatoes out of the box to start chitting - hope to have a gh day tomorrow x Susan x