Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Down In The Greenhouse ...

Good Afternoon!
Well it's time for my first proper post on this blog and I decided to start it off by giving you a little tour around the Greenhouse. At this time of year there isn't much I can do in the garden so at the moment everything is pretty much based in there! After those nasty winds we had in the UK a couple of weeks ago my GH took rather a battering and lost some of the panels. However this week it is back up and running and it's all systems go! I think the word you are looking for to describe it is 'snug'!

In this corner you can see some over wintering plants which includes some Sweet Pea plants that were sown back in the autumn. I have sown some more this week to bulk up the amount! There are also trays of seeds that I have sown recently.

TIP : The milk cartons of water are to help keep the greenhouse that little bit warmer on a night as the water absorbs heat during the day, releasing it overnight. Well this is what I have heard!

One of these plants 'Arabis - Snowcap' came into flower a few days ago and I can tell you that it smells lovely. It has such a sweet and fragrant perfume!
 This is a spring flowering plant that is perfect for rock gardens, ground cover or the edge of borders, but I have just kept mine in a pot in my GH to keep me company! lol

Next to my potting stand are some more over-wintering plants including some cuttings of Pelargoniums, a Fuschia, a cyclamen still in bloom and my Amaryllis bulb that finished flowering back in January.

Back towards the door on the same side as the staging are my 2 potted Agapanthus plants and some Hyacinth's and Iris's that I need to use in a display sometime.

Lastly on the opposite side are my larger tubs of over-wintering plants. Consisting of an Alstroemeira (Peruvian Lily), Fuschias and another one or two plants.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour of the Greenhouse, I'l be back tomorrow with some jobs that I have been doing this week.



  1. Hi Natalie, l have enjoyed the tour around your GH, l have not heard that about the water before. I brought my hyacinths in the house and they have finished flowering now so going back to GH to dry out until next winter. Take care and happy gardening x Susan x

  2. Hi nat - your greenhouse looks very busy - mine on the other hand is completely empty! I look forward to regular updates and hope that you might inspire me to do some gardening soon xx

  3. I LOVE it!!! all those wonderful plants,plants have no chance around me lol loving your blog :)