Thursday, 3 November 2016

October's Plant of the Month!

Good Morning!
I know this is a little later than it should be, time is something I've had very little of recently!
Anyway without any further delay here it is!

The PLANT OF THE MONTH for October is ... Salvia greggii 'Royal Bumble'
I've chosen this plant for October even though it has been flowering for a couple of months beforehand for one simple reason ... it's been the main performer in my garden when everything else has took a step back. We haven't had the best growing season this year so it's shown which plants are the star performers!
Oh and do you want to know what makes them even better ... this plant and the one behind were actually grown from cuttings that I'd taken two years ago.

Salvia greggii 'Royal Bumble' is a Hardy Perennial which has a slightly scented green foliage and bright red flowers held on stems touched with purple.
This particular variety of Salvia is tolerant of coastal conditions which makes it a good plant if you garden in windy conditions. Once estabished this plant is also tolerant of drought conditions!
It does prefer a position in sun but it can cope with dappled shade, the other plant that I have of this variety in my back garden is in a slightly shady position and is doing just fine :)
One last thing that makes this plant even better ... it's also loved by Bee's!

Photos from the border in my front garden

This particular variety is a Hardy Perennial, happy in well drained soil types and aspects in either full sun or partial shade.
This plant will grow approx 60x40cm tall which is great for a border, to prolong flowering dead head the faded flower stems throughout the summer months.
In Spring apply a generous mulch around the base of the plant approx 5-7cm deep of well - rotted garden compost or manure.

This plant can be propagated by cuttings which is a great way of giving yourself free plants!

Photo from Crocus


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