Sunday, 24 April 2016

Purchases from Harrogate Spring Flower Show ...

Good Afternoon!
I had hoped to share this post a day or so earlier than this but due to one thing or another I haven't had the chance until now.
On Thursday I was lucky enough to visit the Harrogate Spring Flower Show, this was my first plant show as up here in the Yorkshire area there isn't that many. Today I thought I'd share with you my purchases and I surprisingly didn't buy as much as I'd thought I would ... in my next post I will share some photo's of other plants that caught my eye.

I managed to resist a few plants but these were my weakness ... AURICULAS!
The first 4 Auriculas were purchased from Drointon Nurseries which are actually located in Ripon, North Yorkshire. This isn't too far away from myself so maybe a visit to one of their open days will be on my to do list in the future!

 'Baggage' Striped Auricula

'Lord Saye-en-Sele' Striped Auricula

'Dovedale' Grey Edged Show Auricula

'Tay Tiger' Striped Auricula

I thought I was being rather well restrained just getting those 4 Auriculas, but then we came across another stall showing Auriculas and this time some doubles caught my eye! 

I purposely chose the plant with the most flower buds instead of open flowers on the following plant to prolong the flowering period for myself. As soon as it is in full bloom I will share a picture with you, trust me it is worth the wait as the petals have some lovely dusky tones! These two were purchased from W&S Lockyer.

'Nymph' Double Auricula

'Gwen Baker' Double Auricula
The blooms are a lovely yellow green shade.

Finally I also picked up this little Iris, the petals come in dusky shades of blue and brown which catch your eye right away. This was purchased from Bean Place Nursery.

Here's a snap of some in flower on a plant stand so you can see what can be expected ...

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy what is left of the weekend!

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  1. Well I have to say, you were rather restrained, Natalie - I think I would be like a kiddie in a sweet shop! Nice to see you had a good day though and your purchases are all lovely and a little unusual - the grey of the Dovedale Auricula is very different and the irises look as if they've been inked with Distress Inks! Look forward to seeing more of your photos and maybe one of these days I'll get to one of the flower shows myself! Hugs, Lisa x