Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
It's time for my Weekly Garden Checklist ...

1. Dead Heading - I know I may sound like a broken record but don't forget to keep up with the dead heading. Not just the with the Bedding plants either, Perennials such as Astrantia's and Phygelius as you can see below need it to. It will also encourage more flowering.

2. Roses -Keep an eye on Roses for signs of any Pests & Diseases, remove any affected leaves with Blackspot and if needed, spray the Roses with Rose Clear every 6 weeks. When spraying make sure you do it either early in the morning or late at night to limit the chances of it affecting any Bee's.
 Also don't forget to pick up any fallen leaves as that can help spread disease.

3. Lavender - Another plant to dead head is Lavender, as you can see here my French Lavender has finished flowering so it needs cutting back. When doing so make sure you cut back into growth where fresh growth is still visable, if you cut back into the woody growth there's no guarantee that it will grow back again.

4. Damp Down - If you are finding that your Greenhouse is reaching high temperatures during the day, damp it down by spraying the floor with a hose pipe. This will increase the humidity and help prevent pests such as red spider mite which thrive in those conditions.

5. Stake - Stake and help provide supports for plants such as Dahlia's and Lilies that can get a battering in the wind & rain, what looks good one minute can look like a bomb has hit it within a few minutes!

Finally I thought I'd leave you with a photograph that proves that a Reindeer isn't just for Christmas ...

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  1. Thanks for another great checklist, Nat! I need to go round and tidy up my astrantias and geraniums which are starting to look a bit tired and leggy now. It's surpising just how dry everything still is, despite the rain we've been having of late - I did try to cut out some of the grass in preparation for my big garden overhaul, but think I may have to give in and hire a digger for the job as the ground was so hard! I will get there!
    Have a great week and hope the tummy bug has gone for good! Hugs, Lisa x

    1. Thanks hun, fingers crossed it has but I daren't jinx it! lol I'm sure you will get there soon :) It'l be worth all the hard work in the end! xxx