Monday, 30 June 2014

Weekly Garden Checklist ...

Good Morning!
I thought I would start a Weekly post with little tips on things that you could be doing this week in your garden. Kind of like a Garden Checklist! We shall see how it goes for a few weeks and please feel free to give me any feedback, good or bad, so I can try to make it more helpful to you.

1. Cut Back Delphiniums - If your Delphiniums are going over after blooming for the past few weeks (e.g. withering up & falling over and flowers turning brown) then it is time to cut them back. Cut the flower stalk right down to the ground to help the plant reserve it's energy and you never know, you might be one of those lucky people who get a second flush of blooms later in the year! 
If there are some flowering side shoots that are still looking good and you can't bear to put them in the compost bin then do what I do and pop them in a vase, you can then appreciate them for a little longer.

2. Deadhead Iris's - Iris blooms don't last very long so once they are finished the best thing to do is to cut them down. The petals turn brown which isn't the nicest thing to look at so just like above, cut the flower stalks down to the base. 

3. Water Hanging Baskets & Pots - Now the weather is getting hotter it's essential not to let your baskets and pots dry out. Trust me it only takes forgetting to do it for a day or two and before you know it they're a dried out flattened mess! Check them every evening and give them a good soaking and if the weather is really hot check them on a morning too! If however you do forget simply dunk them in a water butt and leave to soak on the floor for a couple of hours to try and revive them.

4. Start Sowing Winter Bedding - I know it may feel like a long way off but now is the time to start sowing your Winter Bedding or ordering it before it sells out.

To start off with I have already ordered some Bellis - Pomponette & Trailing Viola's along with sowing some Wallflower - Aurora Seeds. To do this simply sow them in a seed tray, cover with a light sprinkling of compost and then place somewhere outside but not in direct sunlight to germinate.

5. Spray Roses - If you haven't done so already this time of year is when you should be spraying your Roses. I use 'Rose Clear' every 6 weeks which helps control diseases and aphids. Make sure you read the instructions before use, this is the only chemical I use in my garden, we can't all be perfect! lol

I hope you have found this Checklist helpful!
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Blooms, Blooms, Blooms ...

Good Morning!
I added a Hardy Fuschia to the main border in the back garden earlier this week. I know your all thinking how on earth did I manage that considering how full my garden is already! Well I simply replaced another plant which was moved to the part of the garden behind the GH. Where there's a will there's a way! 

The Hardy Fuschia is the variety 'Hawkshead' and with it's beautiful white flowers it brightens up the space it's in. It's a great contrast to my other Hardy Fuschia which has striking red & purple flowers!

When planting in the border I always incorporate compost and some fish, blood & bone into the planting hole to give it a head start.

I then filled the hole back up with fresh compost and gave it a good soak!

In the same border the Astrantia's are flowering and with their dainty blooms I couldn't resist sharing them with you. These are perfect for Woodland areas or shade as they do well in those tricky areas.

TIP - If you haven't already started it's time to start cutting your Sweet Peas! I know you may be thinking that you don't want to but not only do they look lovely in a vase and fill your house with their perfume, but it helps promote more flowers on the plant so it's a win win situation!

Lastly another Rose in my garden bloomed this week and this one is called 'Champagne Moment'.
Me and Andy bought it last year and seeing that was the year we got engaged it's sentimental.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Delightful Dahlia's ...

Good Morning!
Following on from yesterday's post on the front garden I wanted to share how the bedding Dahlia's in the front border are doing! Although they are only small the blooms are lovely and striking. Incase you don't remember these are all Dahlias that I grew from seed and are of the 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' variety.

 I have to say that my favourite is this first one, I love how simple and elegant it looks with it being completely white!

This last one is actually from a tuber that got left in the ground by accident last year, which is of a standard Dahlia seed mix. It seems to have bushed out quite well and has lots of yellow flowers!

On a final note as if by magic after yesterday's post went live the Geraniums started flowering in the baskets! Here's a look at one of them and you can just see the Red Geranium peeking out in the middle at the top!

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Front Garden Pots & Baskets!

Good Morning!
Today I wanted to share how the front of the house was looking. I have given the containers a bit of a reposition and they all seem to be blooming now!

The large tub of Cosmos is providing height and colour along with the Alstroemeria. 
The little pot of Pansies in the centre helps to fill the gap.

The potted Clematis has put on a lot of growth after looking a bit unhappy a couple of months ago. However it is taking over a little bit so it may need taming! lol Next to it I have positioned my 'Rhapsody in Blue' Rose and a pot of bedding.

Lastly the two Hanging Baskets are looking great, you can't see them in the photo's but the geraniums are slowly starting to peek their heads up in the centre of the baskets so hopefully they will be visable soon!

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Monday, 23 June 2014

A Woodland Walk ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a little different to usual as it doesn't include anything from my garden! However I wanted to share the photo's with you as they are to do with plants :) Here are a few snaps I got the weekend before last showing some plants in their natural habitat.

This is a plant you usually see on the road-side and people think of it more of a weed but I have to say I love it's dainty flowers, Cow Parsley.

I also spotted it in pink too.

Next is an Orchid which has beautifully detailed petals.

Lastly is a plant from the Speedwell family and did you know that they are thought of as good luck charm? I love the vibrant blue of the petals.

Thanks for stopping by, I shall be back with more plants from my own garden on Wednesday!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Flowering Pelargoniums ...

Good Morning!
All the Pelargoniums I have are currently blooming on the stands so I thought I would take a few snaps and share them with you all! 
The first is only known as 'Pink' as it was a cutting from my Grandad last year.

The Red & Salmon Bullseye's are developing lot's of flowers.

Tomkat is looking rather striking with it's vibrant coloured petals.

'Blanche' is one of my favourite's with it's soft cream blushed with pink petals.

Bergpalais has gotten stronger and is still one of my favourite's.

The next two are from the Regal Collection. 
The first is 'Aristo Candy' which as you can see makes quite a statement!

The other is 'Velvet' which I apologise for the poor photo quality, the camera wouldn't focus properly and the petals are actually bright and deep red, although on here they seem to have a pinkish tint!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are all enjoying what's looking good in your gardens right now too!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Blooming ...

Good Morning!
Following on from Tuesday's post I have some more photo's of how things are doing. The front border is coming along nicely, the Antirrhinum's are flowering and the Dahlia's are doing well too.

The Cosmos in one the tubs are flowering nicely.

The Hanging Baskets are slowly filling out and starting to flower. I have added Geranium's to the centre which will add some height once they too flower.

I know I have said it before but I just love how clean and fresh the blooms of this Surfinia are.

Mrs Popple has finally started opening up it's many flower heads.

The Dianthus 'Alan Titchmarsh' has had buds for weeks and one of them has slowly started unfurling. I love the little splash of lime & pink they have in the centre!

The Perennial Viola is still doing well.

And finally here's a look at two of the Sweet Pea's that are becoming my favourite's for their colouring.

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